Saturday, 19 January 2013

Colder fun

The first snow at home since I got Boris meant I had to get out there. I don't usually use Boris for commuting but when the forecast was for 2-3 incles of snow between breakfast and lunchtime, I muffled up and rode the 20 miles to work. Got there, it snowed, I took the long way home for the laugh, down the back lanes looking for entertainment. That came in the shape of a 3 series BM that wanted to share my bit of road. Never locked up the front before, didn't think it was possible with bloody useless drums, but then again, it was polished compacted snow I was on. Still, missed it (or she missed me, not sure which !) and I'm still here. There was a fair bit of popping and banging on gentle throttle even when hot, so I raised the needles a notch (Mikunis fitted) and tried again - miles better all round.


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